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Vegan Yum Yum: Decadent (But Doable) Animal-Free Recipes For Entertaining And Everyday (2009)

by Lauren Ulm(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 3
0757313809 (ISBN13: 9780757313806)
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review 1: Having so much fun with this book! The layout is fabulous - I love that the ingredients are on the sidebar, there's a beautiful photograph for each recipe, and the cooking directions are laid out simply and to-the-point. And, as a novice cook, I really appreciate the author's laid-back tone in her recipe intros. It's a lot less intimidating to feel as though the recipes are coming from a good friend, as opposed to some omniscient, faceless super-chef somewhere.I'm happy to add that the recipes in this book are so fool-proof that everything I've made from it has been a success. It's apparent that a lot of testing, tasting, and love went into each one. As expected, some of the ingredients require trips to Asian supermarkets or Whole Foods, but once your pantry is stocke... mored with the necessities (i.e. nutritional yeast, miso, tofu, tahini, etc) you're set to make almost anything in this book at any given time.
review 2: It's true--these recipes really are decadent but doable. This is a beautiful book. Every recipe is photographed by the author, and if you have seen the photos on her website, you know that she is a skilled food photographer. The recipes are far easier than I expected. I made Crispy Sesame Kale, Hurry Up Alfredo, and Coconut Lime Tofu, all in the first couple of days I had the book. All super easy and delicious. And the directions for each recipe are given step by step, making them very simple to follow. This is definitely among the foodie-ist of the new vegan books, and I highly recommend it. less
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I love the recipes. Some are easy and some are multi-step. Lots of great photographs.
This is a great vegan cookbook for entertaining, even if you are serving non-vegans
Some VERY good recipes in this book, complicated at times, but worth it!
Some very yummy recipes.
Great recipe book!
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