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#17 Oh Boy, Mallory (2012)

by Laurie B. Friedman(Favorite Author)
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Darby Creek
Mallory McDonald
review 1: In her diary, Mallory details how she feels when she finds out that Jake, a cute fifth grader (she's in fourth) likes her. Her friends are all really excited, but when Jake calls to talk to her, he more frequently discusses ball games with her brother Max. When she accidentally accepts an invitation to Jake's party when she has already accepted an invitation to her friend April's party, she's not quite sure what she should do. She'd rather go to April's, but her friends pressure her to go to Jake's. She lies to April, which catches up with her later. Mallory realizes that she needs to do what she feels is right, and not necessarily what her friends think will be cool.Strengths: This was rather painful to read, because it sounds very much like my diary from 1975! (Hi, Shaun... more!) Pitch perfect take on how younger students feel about boys, and dating, and all manner of things. The Notebook Novel format will make it very popular as well. There is a whole series of these which would be great for elementary school.Weaknesses: Too young for my students. By 6th grade, the girls are usually interested in any boys that are interested in them, at least for a week or so.
review 2: Good readalike series for the Dork Diaries fans. Written in a journal/diary format (think Diary of a Wimpy Kid) these books features doodles and diary entries. The reading level is simpler than the Dork Diaries series so this would be a good series to recommend to the younger set interested in those books and also the younger Lauren Myracle fan set. Fast read I'd recommend for girls in middle grades (3-5). less
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Have a crush, or any other types of boy problems? well if you do you should read this bood.
Fun read I'll recommend to my granddaughter
finished long time ago
Awesome book!
loved it
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