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Cybersexism: Sex, Gender And Power On The Internet (2013)

by Laurie Penny(Favorite Author)
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1408853205 (ISBN13: 9781408853207)
Bloomsbury Publishing
review 1: A topic of interest and relevance to me but didn't leave me wanting to fight. Having read other people's comments there is a hint that this is an extract for a larger piece on the subject, and that might hit the spot for me more. Nothing much I didn't already know from experience here. Lots of room for more examples and references and, most importanty, how we can change it. It feels like a bit of a missed opportunity to me I'm afraid.
review 2: This book is in fact a chapter from Ms Penny's upcoming publication which I believe is due out next year. It is a timely look at the misogyny rampant on the internet and the virulent gender-based hatred that is directed towards women who dare to have an opinion and express it. It is not only about that, however, and de
... moretails the positive effects the internet is having on feminism, empowerment and the ongoing fight for intersectional equality. Great as an introduction but also as a publication for those of us who may have had more than a toe dipped in the feminist world! less
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Excellent call to arms - let's not accept bullying and sexism anymore, online or offline.
A 3 for fairly well informed feminist Internet-goers; a must-read for everyone else.
Intelligently argued and powerfully written, a short burst of good sense.
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