The Returning Tide by Liz Fenwick

– I looked forward to not thinking in dots and dashes. I’d only realised recently that I was selected for telegraphy because of my fluency in French and Italian. I’d had no idea that Morse was taught as a language or that it would push other languages out of my head…Dit dit dah…But unlike having a lovely song in my head my nights would be filled with SOS – did did did dah dah dah dit dit dit… –

– He should have been focusing on living, but he wouldn’t be told. –

– It was almost too much and that was the problem with Americans. Too much smile, too much teeth, too much good humour and, finally, too much here. –

– People did things they never would have considered before the war. –

– If I died, would these letters tell the story? –

Review for the Sunday Times:

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