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Retter In Dunkler Nacht : Roman (2000)

by Laurin Wittig(Favorite Author)
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The Legacy of MacLeod
review 1: *Rating 4.5 Stars Tayg Munroe of Culrain just returned home after years of fighting for the king. He returns home with a heroes welcome and many songs sung by bards of his exploits. But now that he is heir to the Chiefdom, after the death of his older brother Robbie, his mother has given him an ultimatum - choose a bride by the end of the month or she will choose one for him. His father on the other hand has given him an opportunity to search for a bride outside Culrain and help king as well. So after coming up with the idea to be a bard to remain incognito and go about his business in helping the king... Catriona MacLeod, is known as the Shrew of Assynt, for speaking her mind, her sharp tongue and her temper. When her ill-mannered brother, Broc breaks the news that sh... moree is to wed, Duff "Dogface" MacDonnell, and tells all that she will not marry him and if they make she will kill him. After cooling off and having a conversation with her brother Ailig, she comes up with a plan to get out of this marriage... go to the king and ask him to find a husband for her. During her escape of Assynt she gets thrown off her horse and crosses path with a Bard... When Tayg meets Catriona and discovers she is the infamous Shrew of Assynt, all he wants is to take her back home, but after discovering a plot against the king between her brother Broc, and her betrothed Dogface, he decides to take her as hostage to the king and take care of this plot forming against him. But as time goes by during their travels he begins to see that Catriona's shrewdness is her armor against those that could hurt her. And their attraction for each other increases as each day goes by.... This was the first book I have read by Lauren Wittig and I must say that I really enjoyed it. The characters were so well written and I enjoyed how Tayg and Catriona's characters grew as you turned each page. The author did a very good job in developing their relationship, it wasn't one of those where it seemed like love at first sight. They both started off not really liking each other, but after each change of events, you could see them really getting to know the person under their exterior, and it was absolutely fun to see them get know each other, gain a mutual respect, and then fall in love with each other. Though the author didn't delve in to much about Ailig's character, she just gave you enough to know that he is mysterious and clever in his own way, that it makes me interested in reading his story in "Daring The Highlander". I look forward to see how the author develops his character in the book. I am also hoping that Tayg and Catriona somehow have a part in the next book so I can see how their relationship holds and how she is doing in her new clan. I am also looking forward to seeing how Ailig's and Catriona's brothers AKA the sheep fare, and see if their characters have developed for the better. After all, though they weren't really mentioned, you take it that they were just Broc's followers who didn't really do what they want, so it would be interesting to see if they gain their own independence. All in all this was a fun book to read and I am looking forward to reading the authors other books. If I had an opportunity I would have been able to read this book without putting it down.
review 2: 3.5 stars - it was ok as far as a highland romance book goes. I didn't really feel for the characters all that much. Cat really didn't do it for me. Her "holier than thou" and "woe is me" attitude got very annoying. Tayg was well.... forgettable. As I write this (a few days after finishing) the only thing I really remember was his being beat up by Cat brothers. No scorching connection, that I could feel. It was ok if you're looking to get some highlander reading in, but if you're looking for steamy romance, it was forgetable. less
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predictable but charming romance.
Predictable but entertaining.
Helt okej.
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