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Highlander Betrayed (2013)

by Laurin Wittig(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 4
1477807276 (ISBN13: 9781477807279)
Montlake Romance
Guardians Of The Targe
review 1: I must say that no matter what sort of caffeine drink I dosed myself with, whenever I picked this book up to force myself to finish I ended up falling asleep.I tend to love all things Scottish (I would love my own man in a kilt!) and when I looked at the reviews of this book I was happy to pick it up. It had gotten such glowing reviews. What, I wonder, did they read that I missed?This could have been an interesting story - Nicholas, a spy is commanded by his king (English of course) to go toScotland and to steal the Targe - naturally Nicholas meets the lovely Rowan during a most unusual circumstance and they start to have feelings for each other. The 'romance' is at best tepid, the action is nearly yawn worthy and the mystical plot is weak. The characters and dialog are wo... moreoden and dull.If you stuck it out through the first 3/4 of the book the ending was worth it...but why should a reader have to 'stick it out' to get to the good stuff?
review 2: This book is the first in a trilogy by Laurin Wittig set in Scotland and about a mystical piece that is wanted by a king in order to take over Scotland. Rowan is fostered by her aunt, uncle, and cousins. Together they share a secret and protect the Targe. Nicholas has been sent by King Edward to retrieve the Targe so that he can use it against Scotland and finally rule them. The story was a good one. A page turner for me. It was full bodied and was written in a way to bring color to their world. We come to know both Rowan and Nicholas and how easily they fall for one another. There was so much more story in this book than most. Sexual tension but no sex until about 90% in. In my opinion it was absolutely unnecessary because the two had already established a trusting and lasting relationship and the sex just seemed like an editors after though and thrown in for good measure. I actually skimmed it, it was that unimportant to the plot for me. Other than that I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to rest of the trilogy.This ARC was given to my by Amazon Vine for my unbiased and honest opinion. less
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I didn't realize this was a romance until about 3/4 of the way through. Good story, though.
I will be looking for the rest of this series. It was that good.
Entertaining read. I listened to the audible version.
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