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A Colossal Failure Of Common Sense: The Inside Story Of The Collapse Of Lehman Brothers (2009)

by Lawrence G. McDonald(Favorite Author)
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0307588335 (ISBN13: 9780307588333)
Crown Business
review 1: Loved it. Admittedly one persons view of the goings on at the end of Lehmans Brothers existence - and certainly a biased on at that, but the story rings far too true to be vindictively motivated. The title says it all but the story goes beyond to explain in clear terms what was going on in the broader economy that created the foundation for the incredible collapse that extended well beyond Lehman.
review 2: Extremely good read, I really, really enjoyed this book! Lawrence McDonald has the wonderful ability to make you feel like you are actually right there, you feel the excitement, the tension, and the fear. What I love most though is McDonald truly brings the human side of the fall of Lehman Brothers to life, you feel almost as if you know the people he writ
... morees about which brings home the fact that Lehman Brothers wasn't just an investment bank it was people. less
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A bit of a rant, but interesting insight into the root cause of the financial collapse.
Everyone on Wall Street, including the author of this book, is a huge asshole.
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