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Unpacking My Library: Writers And Their Books (2011)

by Leah Price(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 3
0300170920 (ISBN13: 9780300170924)
Yale University Press
review 1: This is a glorious little hard copy book to hold and read. It must be held and viewed to appreciate. Price describes visually with pictures of their actual libraries in their homes 13 famous (although i didnn't know most of them) authors. Then she lists the books of each and talks about what their reading materials can tell us about the person. The book outside looks just like a snapshot of books on a shelf. I am, like many others, ready to completely go digital.
review 2: What a wonderful book! I read it in one sitting (most of the pages are pictures), then afterwards I had a some fun looking closely at the books on the selected author's shelves to see what I we had in common. The book has 10 authors, each with a short interview and pictures of their book
... moreshelves. I fell in absolute love/envy with Rebecca Goldstein and Steven Pinker's "library". Each author lists their top ten books with a picture of all ten covers. Honestly if Price put a book just like this profiling 10 new authors, once a year, I would read it everytime. less
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This is one I'll purchase to view the author's reading libraries. Interesting concept for a book.
this looks really interesting and definitely a book to buy hard copy.
It's wonderful to get a glimpse at writers' libraries.
Boring white people talking about boring white people.
This book serves as inspiration for my own library.
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