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Husband And Wife (2010)

by Leah Stewart(Favorite Author)
3.16 of 5 Votes: 1
0061774502 (ISBN13: 9780061774508)
review 1: I wish I could give this book 3 stars for the story and five stars for the spot-on depiction of married life and parenting. This is a story about a woman whose husband admits that the book he is writing about infidelity is actually partially true. The rest of the book deals with the consequences of this for them and their two young children and how the wife will ultimately respond to the whole thing. While I felt like the story started to drag a bit about halfway through, I stayed with it because the author stunned me with her ability to capture the relentless immediacy of life with small children - the way big things end up on the back burner because kids keep you stuck in the "right now" of diaper changes and Cheerios and naptimes. She nailed it as far as what it is ... morelike to try to write (or "be a writer") when you are also a mom, and can those two things even overlap? And, wow, some of the stuff about identity and motherhood (and how different that is from fatherhood) hit so close to home, I almost felt like she was reading my mind. I loved how she described the ups and downs of married life - how you can cycle between passionate love and indifference/hatred (!) in the span of 15 minutes, and oh, there was so much more. Loved so many little moments in this book. I should have taken notes!
review 2: This is an excellent emotional novel for anyone who has been through infidelity or has simply looked across the dinner table and wondered how they ended up with the spouse that they did. It is written in real time with an immediacy that grabs the reader by page 2 and doesn't let go until the end. Stewart is a new author for me, but I will be looking for her other works. It's not a perfect book, but a very solid, thought-provoking read. less
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I loved this story line--a couple who have to find their way back together! I read it in one day!
I didn't really like this. Maybe I just don't care about adult relationship,and their foibles.
If you like scumbags who do not accept responsibility for their actions you will love this book
A good book; poignant and hilarious in places.
It's just so typical..
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