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The Darkly Luminous Fight For Persephone Parker (2010)

by Leanna Renee Hieber(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 1
0843962976 (ISBN13: 9780843962970)
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Strangely Beautiful
review 1: I enjoyed this book; the plot has some interesting aspects to it. I once again loved any interaction w/ Josephine and Michael. I liked Rebecca a little more in this book; I feel for her but I also want to reach through the pages and alternately smack and yell at her. As for my only real problem, that would be Percy & Alexi's relationship. I understand his reluctance to let her out of his sight and to protect her, she is rather physically frail. However, I believe that without him stifling her, she would be perfectly able to handle herself and ask for help when she needed it. I take issue w/ him treating her as if she's made of glass and Percy letting him. Rather than fight for herself, she breaks down and reaches for him. He's an overbearing, misogynist and she acq... moreuiesces to him rather than asserting herself. It’s just kind of annoying and luckily I wanted to know what happens at the end so it got finished. And while I’ll never be truly happy with the dynamics of Alexi and Percy’s relationship I can understand it. I was also happy with how the book ended, it wasn’t a happily ever after in the traditional sense, but things ended up they way they needed to.
review 2: 300 pages and another week in the life of Ms Parker errr... Mrs whatever her last name is. 300 pages and a whole week to have another epic battle to save the world.Have I ever mentioned that I hate battles to save the world? Particularly since authors feel compelled to place the events in the last 50 pages of the darned book. Gaaah.IN addition, our H has developed anger management issues - he's feeling protective of our h but he keeps grabbing her and dragging her off like she's a recalcitrant child. This in and of itself is irritating enough, but our h is practically an albino, and he apparently doesn't know his own strength. Bruises on a h are never good, when inflicted by the H, they make me twitch. A lot. less
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Marvelous... Reading this book was like eating an excellent box of chocolates.
Nice follow up to strangely beautiful. Will eventually read the next one.
I found out how the story ends. Eh.
Wonderful story!
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