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Table In The Darkness: A Healing Journey Through An Eating Disorder (2013)

by Lee Wolfe Blum(Favorite Author)
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0830843086 (ISBN13: 9780830843084)
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review 1: I read this book because I work with kids who have eating disorders and was hoping it was something they could read as they journey through recovery. I was drawn into this story right away and read it within a few days. This is a true story about a girl (Lee) who found comfort and solace in her eating disorder while her world was anything but comforting. Lee was telling her story yet also the story of so many other girls who live with "Ed". The writing was honest and raw with reader always rooting for Lee to be able to move past her thoughts, but as I know all to well those thoughts tend to be too strong. I decided it was not appropriate to suggest to my patients as I felt it would be far to triggering for them at this point in treatment. I was able to share some pa... moressages that I thought would be helpful, but that was as far as I let it go. I would recommend this book for anyone that knows someone that is suffering with an ED, someone well into/post recovery or has an interest in learning more about this disease.
review 2: I loved this book and find it to be one of the best books about eating disorders that I've ever read- which is saying quite a lot since I've read many books on the topic! . Having personally suffered from an eating disorder, and currently in the process of recovering from it, I find Ms. Blum's description of the illness to be highly accurate and resonate deeply with me. This memoir tells of her difficult childhood, feelings of never being enough, and the eating disorder and depression that took over her life. Most importantly, however, "A Table in the Darkness" offers hope, the hope found in Christ, relationships, and the power of grace. I read this book in 24 hours- it was absolutely gripping! I would recommend this book to anyone, eating disordered or not, because of the strong theme of recovery and HOPE. less
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This book is a raw, real, and in the end, hopeful book about eating disorders and recovery.
A memoir about falling to the depths of despair and surviving!
Recommended by Wendy Padgett.
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