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Past Perfect (2011)

by Leila Sales(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 4
1442406828 (ISBN13: 9781442406827)
Simon Pulse
review 1: I wanted to enjoy this book, but after reading the whole thing, I realized that there was just too much drama constantly going on in the book.The storyline seemed very fake and the characters were very hard to connect with. It was hard to understand the characters emotions throughout the story, but the author didn't really give deep emotions, more just surface emotions. It didn't seem like any of the characters had a life outside of work and school. Everything took place at work, Chelsea's house or in the car. It would have been helpful to have added more locations since the story of the one concept, drama became repetitive. Maybe the author purposefully created this book for someone who really likes to read about many things happening at once. Also, maybe the author didn'... moret want to have the characters explore. This way the characters seemed trapped in a small world where repetitive talk was the normal thing to do.
review 2: A quick, fun read with a neat take on the Romeo and Juliet tale. The storyline was rather predictable, but the dialogue and characters were what made this book so much fun. I also loved the idea of two rival reenactment towns right across the street from each other and the inevitable authenticity sniping that would go on. Anyone who's ever been involved in a renaissance faire, the SCA, or any other reenactment/costuming group will definitely get a kick out of this book. less
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This was such a cute and fun read. 3.5 stars.
4.5 stars.Review to come!
Real rating: 4.5 stars
great book
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