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For Love's Sake Only (2005)

by Lena Matthews(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Though this book was short and steamy, it was rather hilarious at times. Charlotte and Tamara are two very humorous witty people. The awkwardness of interracial dating for black women could have been expounded upon in more depth. However, the Author very tastefully chose another route. But overall...it was well written. I especially enjoyed the imagery of Ty being big and Fyne!!! A Tall glass of milk. Just like I like it.
review 2: I couldn’t settle on anything to read the other day and did a quick looks through my ebook folder and low and behold – I met upon two of Ms. Matthews books that I have not yet had the pleasure..Ms. Matthews is one of my favourite interracial authors and these two books did not let me down. In FOR LOVE SAKE ONLY, which just happ
... moreen to be the third book in the Loose Id Spurs & Mistletoe series, I met up with Charlotte Sane at a rodeo and she not enjoying it at all..Charlotte is a city girl through and through and cowboys doing what looks to be not pleasant things to some poor horses is not her cup of tea. Not prepared to sit around and watch the highlights get any gorier than it has already, she makes her way to the offices to at least get some work done.Meeting Ty Wilcox is not part of the plan when she set out, but Charlotte being Charlotte she takes the meeting in her stride and gives Ty as much sass as he was giving her back.The attraction between then is instantaneous and Ty is not willing to have this pint size mouthy woman walk out of his life without knowing more about her.What follows next is such a fun read. Ty and Charlotte does not waste any time and the only source of disagreement is literally about how soon Ty can convince Charlotte that home is wherever he is.I really enjoys this book, not only did I laugh out loud as some of the home girl slang Matthews peppers the book with, but there was a nice balance between Ty and Charlottes personality and I cannot imagine them not being together for the long haul.The main characters for her next book was nicely filtered into FOR LOVE SAKE ONLY and they did make an impact and I was very eager to see what Ms. Matthews do with their characters… If I had any grouse with this book it would be the cover – I do remember a time where there was a loads of cover like that. I didn’t like it then and I don't like it now…Great book – I will be checking out the other two books in the Spurs & Mistletoe series less
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Ok...guess I can't get into the cowboys thing. Her friend I could relate to though.
good read.
3.5 stars
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