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Los Cuatro Tronos (2010)

by Lesley Livingston(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
Viceversa Editorial
Wondrous Strange
review 1: "Hmm, every time I walk through this park something tries to kill me. I think I will go for a walk in this park." Oh, Kelley, Fenn and Sonny, along with her Fae parents think it's endearing how adorably stubborn she is. I call it too-stupid-to-live. Kelley is so TSTL that she continually throws herself into the path of danger thereby hurting herself and those who are unfortunate enough to be tasked with protecting her. My favorite part of the story was when the rest of the Janus guard told her off because of her B.S., but they must be evil or corrupt for going against the mighty Kelley, right?And, herein lies my problem with the series at this point. I don't like Kelley. It's not just the TSTL, she is also kind of a bitch, and every single decision she makes is wrong. I me... morean, she is just 17, so I guess she should get some leeway, but maybe she isn't ready to live on her own when she is this dumb. Just sayin...Other than her, I like the other characters. I also like the green man origin story, which I've never heard before.
review 2: I had reviewed the first book on The Streetlight Reader, giving it 3.5/5 stars. So why did I read it after giving the first book a ‘meh’ rating? Well I had read a chapter in the bookstore and it seemed like the writing had improved so I decided to give Lesley Livingston another chance. Was I right to do that? As it turns out, Darklight is a slight improvement over Wondrous Strange.My main problem with the first book is that I could not connect on an emotional level with the characters. Sure, they were going through the motions of having emotions but I just couldn’t feel the emotions coming from the writing. In this second book this has improved a little bit. I actually felt Kelley’s distress at Sonny’s disappearance, her anger at her mother Mabh and her father Auberon, etc. Could I feel this passionate, sweeping romance between her and Sonny? Not really. But did I actually get emotionally involved in the story? Occasionally.No, the lack of emotional quality in the writing is not the problem this time. This time the problem is that the plot makes absolutely no sense because very few conflicts are resolved throughout the book. Whereas Wondrous Strange was too fast-paced, this one was too slow in the beginning and desperately tried to make up for it in the last few chapters, culminating in one of the most random battle scenes I’ve ever read. Some of the plot twists (like who Sonny’s father is) were rather predictable and yet the explanations for these twists made no sense. I can’t say much more than that without giving the entire book away, but trust me when I say it comes both out of nowhere and it was predictable in a way.I found that the world-building was still as good as ever in Darklight. I loved Lesley Livingston’s descriptions of Auberon’s palace, Titania and Mabh. They were absolutely spot-on and I never really felt bored with them because of that. Really, the writing is beautiful if you’re solely judging this book on imagery and descriptions but sometimes the situations the characters find themselves in are not adequately explained to the reader. Thus you end up amazed and confused, much like in the first book.I may or may not read the third and final book in the Wondrous Strange trilogy but all I can say is that I really hope that if you try reading it you have a much better experience than I have.I give this book 3/5 stars. less
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loved it! wish they would make this series a movie id be the first in line to see it!
Super good! Looking forward to the last book!
Wonderful continuation of a beautiful story
I am really loving this series... :)
Better than the first one.
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