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Tempestuous (2010)

by Lesley Livingston(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 3
0061740063 (ISBN13: 9780061740060)
Wondrous Strange
review 1: Head and heart, mind and soul. Thinking makes it so.Loyalty has always been an issue here: you never really know who you should trust, but you still risk it for certain people despite the fact that they may betray that trust. So much revelation came out as it was headingtoward the end. With only a few chapters left and still so many questions and unresolved situations. I cannot believe that the story progressed that quickly. So many things happen when you least expect them and you reach the point when you start to doubt every single character. You reach the point when you just can't believe what you're reading. The ending was well-crafted, a perfect match to the story.Magick time.
review 2: After a couple of years, I can finally get to reading the final book in
... more this series, Tempestuous. Rereading the previous books in the series were nice and gave me a clear sense of the world, characters and what was going on with everything and the story. I'm going to start by saying that the cover for the book is fantastic and fits Kelley to the tee, that fiery red Irish hair. I don't hate things from books that often, but I just couldn't stand the whole "I don't love Sonny Flannery" thing. I know it was to protect him and everyone else, but that killed a little of what made the first two books so great in the first place. The first half, Sonny is trying to get over the fact that Kelley "doesn't love" him anymore. He is really a broken man at this point and he is wondering around and encounters some of the Lost Fae.They take him to the Sanctuary, where he play and intense game with them, looses track of time and learns that the Janus Guard have been taking the fight to the Lost Fae, just attack them for game. Kelley is also trying live with what she had to put Sonny and everyone else through. She is starting to get control of her powers, somewhat, transforming into a kestrel, using attacks and calling the Storm Hags. She has lost everything, the theater which she called home and Sonny. Fennrys might also be a flame to her, or some would wish. Once the book really gets underway, things heat up and intensify and the book runs straight forward at a breakneck pace. Throughout the way, there are plot twists and shocking revelations. When the book reaches its final chapters, things don't stop. I still feel the the final battle and its conclusion could have been longer. It just felt a little too easy. Loved and enjoyed every minute of it, especially the ones with Sonny and Kelley. A very well written book that tied up almost all loose ends and gave a fantastic conclusion to the series. However, I don't think it matched up to the quality of the previous books. Lesley Livingston carved this wondrous world with amazing characters and I would love to read more stories from this world and her other books. “Magick time.” less
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The only destiny there is ... is the one we make for ourselves. pg 324
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