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Tensão (2014)

by Leslie Kelly(Favorite Author)
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Harlequin Books Brasil
The Wrong Bed
review 1: Although this book wasn't as good as it's predecessor, Slow Hands, it was a good read. If you have not already read Leslie Kelly's Slow Hands, swing over to Amazon and download the free Kindle addition and read it first...it really does lead into this story better and you know from the get go what has happened and why.As for Heated Rush, I enjoyed picking up on a plot that was familiar and seeing what happened to 'the other guys' who had a mix up as well at the bachelor charity auction. I wasn't as drawn into the characters, and I'm not quite sure why, although I could relate slightly to Annie's character as we have the same career path. The love scenes also did not seem quite as steamy as the first book, although they did satisfy. I was as shocked as the character Sean wa... mores, when he learned of the size of Annie's farm...up until that scene, I had envisioned this small country home, nestled on a couple of acres with an old red barn and some cows; to go along with this small town country girl I had made Annie out to be.The family dynamics were funny to watch unfold on Annie's side, and you really sympathized with Sean's family dynamic. I'm really glad that Leslie Kelly left us an epilogue instead of leaving us hanging because that really helped close the story for us readers.Overall this book was a good, quick read...just what a busy working mom of 3 needs when reading a book.
review 2: Am getting the feeling that I read this before, but pretty sure I haven't. Good thing or bad? Am enjoying it nonetheless. I know why I thought I'd read it before. It is the 2nd in a couplet, following Slow Hands. I liked this one a lot. Sean and Annie were both very likeable. And I liked how Annie's family was incorporated into the story as well. And can I just say? Who wouldn't want to have sex on a Ferrari? Wow. less
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Not too bad. I enjoy a book with an Irish bad boy!
It was OK.In my opinion nothing out of standard.
night of the sex.....night of the kiss
Nice romance
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