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Saving Forever - Part 3 (2014)

by Lexy Timms(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 5
Dark Shadow Publishing
Saving Forever
review 1: I did not see this coming!The third in the series ably carries on from the last with Charity and Elijah continuing to move forward in their relationship. Work commitments on both sides do not work in their favor as distance feeds uncertainty and jealousy. Even though Charity felt she had a breakthrough with her Dad over the holidays this seems to have re-opened old wounds even further. Though happy, and successful, as a hospital fundraiser, her Dad refuses to give up hope she will follow in his footsteps and complete her medical education. With her Dad’s influence providing an opportunity to continue her medical studies, and Elijah applying his own influence to see her back in New York full-time, she feels the pressure building. Her feelings for Elijah continue to grow a... mores she sees the success of another event in Atlanta before coming back to New York for her father’s own gala. Surprises are around every corner and not all are pleasant. Parental pressure and career uncertainty may be the least of Charity’s worries!In my opinion, serials have a challenge to keep the reader eagerly anticipating the next in the series. While I’m not a fan of cliffhangers (my e-reader really dislikes being thrown across the room as I am left hanging by a book) a serial still needs to provide a hook or reason for me to want to come back. This chapter provided me with that and more with its hot romance, angst, jealousy and drama. The climax was a real surprise with the ending what I was thirsting for. I can’t wait for the final installment!
review 2: I read the blurb for book one in this series -- it sounded like something a little different -- and it was free, so I one-clicked. This is a new-to-me-author. Errors continue in Book 3. Even so, I'm still entertained and enjoying the ongoing saga set in the medical field, and plan on sticking with it through Book 4. I'm surprised that I've found this almost addictive. It has certainly grabbed hold of me and hasn't let go. I like the mix of characters, particularly the father/daughter difficulties and how that third party -- the gorgeous New Zealand chief of staff plays right into the scenario. Not one I'll keep on the re-read shelf but storyline was something a little different, and it served its purpose for a long and rainy week. less
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This was an amazing book!! Highly recommend!! Cannot wait for book 4!!!!!!!!!
OMG I did not see that coming, absolutely fantastic cannot wait for part 4
love this couple. Keep them coming.
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