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How To Kill A Vampire: Fangs In Folklore, Film And Fiction (2013)

by Liisa Ladouceur(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 5
177041147X (ISBN13: 9781770411470)
ECW Press
review 1: An interesting, scholarly-ish work following the rise of vampires from the old folklores of Eastern Europe through modern portrayals in film and on television. Ladouceur tackles the issue of vampire evolution and the concurrent rise of vampire slayers throughout history / fiction. I particularly enjoyed the section about the various types of wood used for stakes to kill a vampire along with the origins / mythology associated with each type and its reason for being used.A fairly solid read, in all.
review 2: A Real Bite into Vampire FolkloreLiisa Ladouceur's "How to Kill a Vampire" is the right non-fiction book at the right time. With the increased popularity of "everything vampire," Ladouceur's book is a welcome supplement for all those wanting to know more a
... morebout the vampire myth without having to read another novel about glittering vampires.Ladouceur provides annecdotes as well as analysis of the vampire myth that is thorough and engaging. She effectively traces the origins of the vampire myth from historic folklore to contemporary pop culture. Her dedication to detail highlights the evolution of vampires and provides rationale and analysis of the differences of the various vampire folklore in existence. Ladouceur offers insights into the concepts of life and death, and how such heavy issues impacted the evolution of the vampire. In addition, she provides an interesting analysis of the many reoccurring archetypes seen in vampire folklore. However, what vampire enthusiasts will appreciate most is the source information Ladouceur provides throughout her writing. This information is probably one of the biggest assets for individuals looking read more about the intriguing subject of vampires, whether the reader is a casual vampire fan, or one whose primary reading interests fall heavily in the supernatural. Overall, Ladouceur's "How to Kill a Vampire" successfully offers readers a scholarly and engaging treatment of a popular subject matter. Note: I received a digital advanced reader copy of this text from Netgalley.com less
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Information on the lore of vampires. Pretty interesting.
Nice, concise history of the vampire.
Entertaining, well-researched, funny.
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