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The High Divide (2014)

by Lin Enger(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
1616203757 (ISBN13: 9781616203757)
Algonquin Books
review 1: Beautifully written and with interesting characters, Enger's book traces the disappearance from the lives of his wife and children a Civil War veteran from northern Minnesota in the 1880s. The chapters in which the father and two sons are the book's focus, I was captured; when the story veered to his wife and her long conversations about whether to keep her man should he return - well, not so much. Little suspense and action, but still an interesting portrait of life in the fading West of the Great Plains.
review 2: Nice story, based on a couple of true events, that is both a coming-of-age and a penance. The father leaves his family for some unknown reason, the sons try to find him. Along the way we learn secrets and see two boys grow up. The mother is a wre
... moreck, both because her husband and sons are gone but also is the way she's defined. Even though she's not the reason the husband leaves home, she could be. Straightforward plot, tight writing, decent story. less
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This is a very personal 5 rating because I realize this is not a perfect novel, but I loved it.
* Won copy on Goodreads First Reads, but never received *
Wonderful high-plains western with a contemporary feel.
Liked it. Nice story. Nice characters.
Good one!
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