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101 Ways To Meditate: Discover Your True Self (2010)

by Linda A. Lavid(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 3
0981707025 (ISBN13: 9780981707020)
Full Court Press
review 1: I really enjoyed this. I find meditation important to finding balance and calm in my life. Linda Lavid truly did give you step by step, vivid explanations and visual imagery to assist you in your meditative journey. This small book is well written and easy to follow. Author is knowledgeable on the subject, resourceful, and helpful. There were 74 pages of writing. The rest of it was inspirational quotes and pages to "doodle" and journal on.
review 2: I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads. Linda Lavid, supplies a variety of processing, imagery, release, and inspirational meditations. There is even a journal included to help explore whatever questions or needs the meditation was meant to inspire. It would be helpful to someone with no
... more prior knowledge or experience with meditative practices.Lavid's ideas and instructions are easy to follow and it's clear that she is knowledgable and experienced. less
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It's a useful little book for one who needs guidance with meditation. Glad I have it.
I didn't read this-I am new and hit it by mistake and don't know how to fix...
A good starter book for meditation.
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