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A Shadow Of Wings (2013)

by Linda Gayle(Favorite Author)
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Linda Gayle
review 1: Dylan gets thrown out, lives with some buddies who end up getting him hooked on drugs and living in a slum, and when things begin to get abusive, Dylan finds the strength to pull himself up by the bootstraps and make a new life for himself.He finds part-time work with a veterinarian and is in the process of rescuing a stray dog one night when the owners of the dog (gang members) attempt to beat the crap out of him. He is rescued by a mysterious stranger, Cam, who then takes him and the dog home to clean up.It turns out Cam is far from human, he’s actually a Cockatrice (WTF?) – which is this bizarre dragon/bat/chicken thing from mythology. A shape-shifter, sent to America to study with and learn about humanity.Cam is wildly attracted to Dylan and vice versa, even thou... moregh interactions at that level are strictly forbidden.The two begin an illicit tryst and are forming a fragile bond when trouble strikes in the form of back-stabbing Weasels and Brothers – you’ll see what I mean – and the two must make life and death decisions that will affect not only themselves but also the future of humanity.In the end, after a truly monumental story twist, a super amazing and sweet happily ever after ensues.I LOVED this book. It was sweet – Dylan is so broken yet warm hearted and his love for Cam so pure. It was sexy – Cam is a virgin (of course) to human love and the scenes between him and Dylan are very hot. It was gritty – none of the characters were perfect, they all had elements of good and bad and it gave the story a very “real” feel, despite its fantastical nature. It was uplifting – the ending is so happy and so sweet, it leaves a big smile on your face.I really loved this book and the other Linda Gayle book I had read and I am ever so hopeful that she will be writing more m/m in the future.I highly recommend this book and give it 5 of 5 hearts.
review 2: Huh... Well, that was different. Definitely an unusual shifter story that, for the most part, I enjoyed. An imaginative storyline that kept me engaged, but was also peppered with cheesy dialogue, some melodrama, and too much telling, not enough showing. It was an odd reading experience for me. Parts of the story had me hooked, unwilling to put my reader down, and other parts had me putting it down and not wanting to pick it back up. I finished it, though, which says a lot. less
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It started a bit slow but was worth it in the end! Loved this. I hope there's a sequel!
Dylan is the most interesting character I've read in a long time.
I want to read the sequel so much!!!!!
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