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Lucy Bounces Back (2000)

by Lisa Heidke(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I'm conflicted over this book. I wouldn't have ever looked twice at it if my best friend hadn't given it to me along with a book that she knew that I'd like, but I definitely enjoyed reading it. The characters, such as the workmen, were interesting. It was also a nice surprise to find the story set in Sydney; I don't really think about where books are set when I start reading them, but if I do ever think about location I assume America unless stated otherwise. The characterisation of Max and two other characters annoyed me because it was as if they had no redeeming traits due to what they did (although I don't really see what A. [I don't want to say too much and include spoilers] could have said that could even begin to justify her actions), but I ran with the 'there is at... more least one person in the world who would act like that character did, and that character is that person' theory. It was definitely very easy to read and get into - my plan had been to read 80 pages a day at most so that I would still focus on studying for my exam, but that obviously failed. Needless to say, with this book and family commitments not much study was done this weekend. My debate between 2 and 3 stars is rather parallel to my debate as to whether to give the book away with a few others once I've finished my to-read piles(they'd fall over if it was one huge pile) or whether to put it in my wardrobe with other I-want-to-be-able-to-reread-this-but-it-doesn't-fit-on-my-childhood-bookshelf books. The solution may be to get a larger bookshelf, as much as I don't want to part with this one. Either way, this book wasn't and still isn't one that I would have bought for myself, but it was fun to read.
review 2: Lisa Heidke has written a fun, diary-style novel that will having you smiling, laughing and shaking your head over everything Lucy Springer has to deal with. Can she sort it all out in just sixty-four days?Lucy Springer is far from perfect, but those very things make her an incredibly loveable character. She takes things in stride, and I love that she never becomes vengeful or sour with the world even when it seems she’s getting it from every angle. She deals with things a lot better than I would, that’s for sure.The juxtaposition between mature woman and young woman with unachieved dreams makes it easy to identify with Lucy as a woman.Heidke’s style of writing – including and beyond the dairy-style of this book – is fresh and ‘real’. She doesn’t waste words (being similar to Lucy in that way) and has a dry humour I would expect from an Australian author. less
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Not the new jodi picoult as touted by angus and Robertson but an amusing read nonetheless!
Very funny book was laughing out at every page
Well-written, this was a great read.
An okayish book :)
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