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Lisa Robertson's Magenta Soul Whip (2005)

by Lisa Robertson(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 5
1552452158 (ISBN13: 9781552452158)
Coach House Books
review 1: This book is an amazing exercise in intellectual rhetoric via poetry--perhaps a nod to the Romans or a life-ring thrown to a drowning (morphing?) language at sea in today's media-laden, digi-textual, post-document (?)world. References to Romanticism, Ancient Greeks, and more abound amidst a cadence and diction determined to redirect your attention, save you from the depths of pretty lyricism, and maybe make you learn something (Google is useful for decoding certain references!)
review 2: Haters will call this book pretentious, but it's a deeply satisfying, sexy, workout for the mind book of feminist poetry. She nails it with her couplet "Utopia is so emotional./ Then we get used to it." How long does it take before paradise dulls? "Draft of a Voice-Over for Spl
... moreit-Screen Video Loop" is esp. seditious. Brainy girls will cheer her on as she challenges us to resist the temptation of the feminine as decoration, mystery and emotion: "It is not our purpose to obscure the song of no-knowledge." less
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It's official: I think Lisa Robertson is pretentious without reason. This book infuriates me so far.
underlining like mad.
oh. so. good.
holy sh*t.
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