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Summer Sky (2000)

by Lisa Swallow(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 3
Blue Phoenix
review 1: I was looking for an entertaining, romantic read and I found it in Summer Sky. It's not as light as it seems - both Dylan and Sky are coming to terms with adult lives that aren't what they expected, trying to make changes and unsure exactly what they want to do. Neither is naïve - Dylan's rock star history means he's familiar with drugs, alcoholism, mindless sex and all that goes along with life on tour; while Sky's been in a serious (well, from her side, at least) relationship for five years and she's determined to make sure she doesn't get taken advantage of again. There's nothing like a car crash to turn a lazy holiday into something entirely different, though...I like that Sky has guts and isn't a complete doormat - she's been there, done that and it's not who she is.... more She's not looking for a man to define her, but she doesn't hate men, either. Ooh, no. And the atmosphere does turn electric...Dylan's got the heart of a good man...but he has about as much idea about how to properly romance a woman as...well, a bloke who's been living on a desert island all his life. One without women. He's his own worst enemy - except in the bedroom. Yes, there's rock star sex. This is not a sweet romance - it's definitely a steamy one, without being overly graphic. A highly recommended five-star read - but make sure you buy the second one, too, because you'll want to read it straight after finishing this one. Just like I'm about to do.
review 2: Let me start off by saying that Kellan Kyle is my measuring stick for all book boyfriends and Dylan ranks right up there with him. He's a rock god with a troubled past but a has heart of gold. From his first meeting with Sky, the chemistry is off the charts. Both of them are running from their current situations and destiny slings them together when they need it the most. I will tell you it took me a little while to warm up to Sky and I wanted to shake and/or smack her a few times but she eventually won me over. Also, do yourself a favor and go ahead and buy the 2nd book, which is Falling Sky because there is a big cliffhanger! I was really glad I had the next one to dive into or I would have probably thrown my Kindle.. now off to write my review for Falling Sky! =) less
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Very unlikable characters. The storyline had so much promise; it really was a shame.
Dammit this ending with a cliff hanger :(I am so rooting for Sky & Dylan...
Need book 2!!
3 - 3.5
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