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Flight School (2014)

by Lita Judge(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 5
1442481773 (ISBN13: 9781442481770)
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
review 1: The story starts with Penguin arriving at Flight School claiming that he "was hatched to fly." The teacher thinks that Penguin will not be able to learn to fly since penguins are typically unable to do so. Penguin claims that he has the "soul of an eagle." Penguin initially struggles, but Flamingo has a brilliant idea that helps Penguin get what he wants.I thought this was a very cute book. It was told in a very simple way, and the illustrations conveyed a lot about the story. For example, Penguin is able to fly with the help of some strings and Flamingo, but the story never actually says that. The reader must interpret that through the pictures. I enjoyed the pastel colors that the illustrator used. It gave the book a very ocean-y, summer-like feel. Overall, I really enjo... moreyed this book.
review 2: When it's time to sign up for flight school Penguin joins the rest of the group. Even when the teachers tell him that they don't think he was meant to fly, Penguin insists that he has the heart of an eagle. Ok, say the teachers and flight school begins.Each of the birds takes their first flight. Everyone does well... Except for Penguin, who landed right in the ocean. He heads home dejected and forlorn. Suddenly Flamingo calls him back. Maybe what he needs is a little "technical intervention."And believe it or not, he flies! less
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So cute! I loved this book and their creative way of looking at overcoming problems.
Cute! I read it to K and pre-K.
so precious
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