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Magic At Macy's (2012)

by Liv Morris(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 5
Liv Morris
Love in the City Short
review 1: They say that NY City is full of magic and for our couple that's just what happen. This book is all about that kind of magic when love is involved. Our story is full of humor and crazy emotions that seem to have a life of their own, you know the kind that gives you brain freeze when you should be saying something cute and sultry. For the first time we get to hear both sides and it is such a pleasure. If you want in on the magic all you have to do is read on. Enjoy, very good read.
review 2: I read the whole book while waiting for the rush hour train to arrive. This was another Liv Morris easy read with the first half being the woman's (Ally) POV and the second half being the man's (Jack) POV. Amazing how it compiled the past, present and future + a HEA for
... more Jack and Ally in just a few pages. I have to say, Magic at Macy's was just to freakin' A-do-ra-ble! I hope the author will write more of these "Love in the City" short stories. less
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This was absolutely adorable and swoony. Short and sweet. I wish it were longer!!!
Light story, well written but very predictable. Easy & quick read.
Sweet story, but very short and predictable even for me.
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