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The Panty Dropper (2013)

by Liv Morris(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 2
Kiki Press
Love in the City Short
review 1: By the title it sounds like this will be fun and a little risque, however it really is not. The characters are likeable and sweet but nothing like you would imagine them to be from the title.I knew this was a short story and that the development of the characters wouldnt be that in-depth but I was expecting more than was given.The nickname given to Ethan (the panty dropper) by Emily made it sound that he would be a charasmatic, confident, easy going character, he seemed to be polite even a little introverted.Disappointed in the fact it wasnt more intense, outragious and outgoing as the title seems to give off.Thats just my opinion.
review 2: This is one of those feel good stories that simply makes you smile. After a few too many break-ups and returned gifts, Em
... moreily isn't much for celebrating Valentine's. As a single woman, this year she has sworn off the holiday and decided to stay in with her friend and let the day slip by quietly. But when Ethan comes knocking on her door, all of Emily's plans fly out the window. I love the nickname the author chose for man in question. It's fun and flirty and full of promise. When Ethan invites Emily up to his apartment for a little dinner, she jumps on the chance to spend a little quality time with the man she has been secretly pining for. The connection between these two was cute and real, not forced. It progressed smoothly and gave me a little laugh at times along with a few butterflies. The only issue I took with this story is the anticlimactic explanation for the nickname, but hey, you can't win them all. Overall, it was a nice, sweet, romantic HEA that I would recommend to any lover of romance. less
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It was a good read though it would be awesome if the story is a bit longer.. :)
This is a short story -- cute with a HEA.
Super short good read.
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