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Bound By Suggestion (2011)

by L.L. Bartlett(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 4
0012192392 (ISBN13: 2940012192394)
Polaris Press
Jeff Resnick
review 1: This book took me a bit by surprise because the characters were all a bit darker and more self-absorbed for a while going into this book but I guess that's like real life; everyone gets self-absorbed at some point and does stupid things. It also shows the reality of the psychiatry profession; ja the majority are honestly trying to help their patients but there's always a few dishonest ones out there who have no problem hurting their patients in order to get what they want.
review 2: Jeff Resnick is back with a punch, June 1, 2012 By Ellen Rappaport (Florida) Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: BOUND BY SUGGESTION (The Jeff Resnick Mysteries) (Kindle Edition) Cozies move out of the way-Jeff Resnick is back and I mean BACK.This latest in t
... morehe Jeff Resnick series starts off with a chapter that was offered as a novelette which I bought and read. I'm speaking of "Cold Case" which was where I thought the story would remain, but I was wrong. Dr. Krista Marsh continued on throughout this entire book and insidious does not come close to her character. Jeff finds himself led into a partnership(?) with this Dr. A partnership that was not of his own choosing. Unfortunately Jeff is not one to stand up for himself. That is why we find Jeff being led down a path he could never have imagined himself being entangled in. Would Jeff have been this vulnerable if Maggie was still by his side?At the same time Jeff's brother, Richard, is being offered a prestigious job at the hospital after securing backers for the hospital in multiple donations. Richard is also in a position to donate a considerable amount in order to establish new equipment the hospital is need of. Richard's success has made him vulnerable to a conniving manipulator, Dr. Timberly. What has this devious monster really been up to? And how far will he go to remain in power at the hospital?The author expertly weaves these two themes as we are taken on a journey. A Jeff Resnick journey. Jeff and his brother, Richard, are working against each other for all the wrong reasons and then...a major crisis of epic proportions occurs. That's when these two brothers establish their own bonding. Their bond takes Richard into Jeff's world of the supernatural. Their bond is no longer one dimensional. Brenda, Richard's wife, now pregnant is with them both through the thick of it.The climax is fantastic. (who could have expected less in a Jeff Resnick story?) Every last end is tied up neatly and we (the reader) can at last breath easier."Bound by Suggestion" was and is one of the most creative and explosive stories you will ever want to read...but be prepared! Be prepared to put all other books, CD's, paperbacks and kindles on hold. Jeff Resnick is back!Find a quiet corner and take the Jeff Resnick journey. You won't be the same.Ellen (read on my kindle) less
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I've enjoyed every one of the Jeff Reznick series. This was one of the best! Highly recommended.
My hands are shaking! I'm still reeling! God, what a rush! L.L has done it again!
This series just gets better and better. I couldn't put the book down.
Creepy hypnosis plot--good but a little far fetched
Loved it glad Jeff is getting back with maggie
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