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Abused (2010)

by L.L. Bartlett(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 2
Polaris Press
review 1: Super short and to the point. Likely comes from personal history seeing as there was no drawn out explanation of any action and the main character almost repeated her own mother's history and created the cycle again by having sex too early in life because she was seeking the love and approval she never got at home. I would skip this (but I did breeze through it in under an hour that is how short it is). I didn't get any new insight from this book that made me look at the world any differently; this is a story much like many others.
review 2: I think this is a good example of the recent trend toward self-publication. Ms. Bartlett has the ability to tell her story clearly and, like many stories in this vein, could have been a very good book. It's too bad she di
... moredn't take the time to flush out the story to make it a full length novel. This is what an editor and publishing company are for.Overall it was an OK novella. Two stars seems a little harsh. But such is the Goodreads rating system. less
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Don't waste your time. My five year old tells netter stories. At least it was short.
A short story which left me sad but confused.!
I loved this story. It was a real eye opener.
Very short and oddly written.
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