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Keeper Of The Stone (2013)

by L.M. Wood(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 1
1494259036 (ISBN13: 9781494259037)
Norman Brides
review 1: I liked this book a lot, medieval romances are my favorite, and I really wish they would make more of a comeback. The heroine Rhiann is presumed to be the only person still alive in her family after the Norman invasion. The king bestows Rhiann and her father's estate to a loyal Norman warrior Nathan. There isn't as much angst and fighting between Rhiann and Nathan as the reader may expect. Rhiann really understands that she has no choice but to marry Nathan, and Nathan is very happy to wed Rhiann and take her estate.Rhiann and Nathan's story is very passionate and the love scenes get pretty hot. After the initial conflict between Saxon and Norman, the middle of the book drags a bit, and as a reader I really wanted Rhiann to open up to Nathan and answer his questions a... morebout her family and her past. If Rhiann didn't share with Nathan, I at least wanted to read her inner thoughts.Rhiann is charged by her deceased mother to be the keeper of a family heirloom necklace, but she really doesn't want the necklace and believes it belongs to her older sister Melissa. Everyone believes Melissa is dead, but the necklace has helped Rhiann believe that Melissa is not dead. The second book in the series, which I will read, looks to be about Melissa and Luke who you get to meet in this book. This book is very good, highly recommended, and I plan to carry on with the series. I don't know exactly how historically accurate the story is, but I don't read these for historical accuracy, I am just really happy to see some medieval romances being published again!
review 2: I received this book for free from the Goodreads book giveaways.I really enjoyed this book! It was so interesting! I have always been interesting in books that are set in the past. I have never read a book from this time period before, but now I would love to read more! Rhiann was such a likeable character. I wish I had her spirit! I really want to read another book that continue Rhiann and Nathan's story. Did they ever go back to Heaven's Crest? Is everyone in her family really dead? I also want to know more about her Salusian culture. Whenever I read the exerpt from the next book, it was all about Melissa. That left me disappointed because like I said above, I want to continue with Rhiann and Nathan. There were many questions left unanswered in this book. The reason I give this book four out of five stars is because sometimes there just wasn't enough exciting stuff going on. I want to not be able to put the book down. I would have liked for the kidnapping scene to spread on longer. It just seemed too short to my liking. less
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This looks interesting, doesn't it? Can't wait to save up enough to buy it (boo for being poor :( )
just kept dragging on and on it was a very hard read a very hard read
3.5 stars
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