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When You Dare (2011)

by Lori Foster(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 5
0373775717 (ISBN13: 9780373775712)
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Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor
review 1: Molly is a fighter and she’s not about to give in to her emotions and fall apart after being rescued from her kidnappers in Mexico who’d drugged, tortured and starved her. She’s just thankful that Dare, who’d been there to rescue Alina, another captive, brought her out as well. Freed, her kidnappers are trying to get her back and they need to find out who arranged it and why.Dare is good looking, has a great body, wealthy and appears to have some black ops type of training. He says his job is security, and one of the things he gets paid a lot to do is rescue missions. He’s never been involved with any woman he’s rescued, but he can’t let her go and he’s certainly never brought one back to his home. You’ve got to love the characters and their relations... morehips – even for those you won’t like. I had definite strong feelings both for Dare’s home life as well as Molly’s family. More attention is paid towards thoughts and feelings than the mystery itself for a good chunk of the story.Interesting that Molly is an author of suspenseful romance and we get to learn of some of the backlash an author faces as they can’t please everyone—and the lengths some will go to when they don’t like how a story was handled. I’d read the Love Undercover series before starting this one and I find it rather jarring that the author seems to start a book in what feels like the middle of the story. But that feeling doesn’t last for long. I do have to say that as far as the mystery angle goes, it was easy to guess who had arranged for the kidnapping as soon as we met the person. The why of it was more surprising.Having now read five books by this author, something that is bugging me—made more noticeable because I’m reading these books back-to-back—is that the terminology used by the men when it comes to a woman’s weight, her chest and their erection is always the same, as is the endearment they use. Mix it up!
review 2: This was my first Lori Foster book, actually, I read The Guy Next Door first which is a quick prequel to this story, but this is the first full-length novel that I read by her. I have to say that I am completely hooked on this series.Molly was abducted by someone and we don’t know by whom for the majority of the story. The thing is she isn’t the only person taken, but she is the difference. The other girls who are taken are younger and the type of girls slavers would go after. Molly doesn’t fit that mold. She is also the only one that is seriously injured. Dare comes in and rescues her, he was there to get someone else, but he couldn’t leave Molly there. There begins the journey of Molly and Dare.Molly is tough, kind, brave, honest and doesn’t necessarily know what she is worth at times. Dare is handsome, brave, tough, strong and caring beneath his tough exterior. There is an immediate attraction between the two. At times the relationship between them almost seems rushed and I wish we could see it play it out a bit more thoroughly at points. But through the turmoil of the book their relationship progresses and Dare is Molly’s rock.I enjoyed this book because it has a has nice mix of mystery, suspense and a good dose of romance. Overall the book was enjoyable and kept me wondering “whodunit” throughout. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series! less
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LOVED this story and the narrator is one of my favorites! I can't wait for Trace's story!!
pretty much lacking...had to put it down a few times. can't believe there's a whole series
wow, i remember how hot and steamy this book was
My favorite in the series. Loved Dare and Molly!
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