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Holding Strong (2000)

by Lori Foster(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 5
0373779615 (ISBN13: 9780373779611)
review 1: Denver Lewis, SBC fighter, was crazy attracted to Cherry Peyton but she flirted too much. He wanted so much from her that it scared him, so he stayed away from her. Cherry wanted Denver so bad and it hurt her that he ignored her blatant advances. While out of town at a fight, she propositioned him and he finally accepted. He worried she might be drunk but it turned out that she wasn't drunk at all, she was ill. He stayed to take care of her and that was the beginning of their relationship. Little did she know that her past was creeping up behind her and would put her and all her friends in danger.I love the SBC fighters, their women and all their friends and families. This is a world I can't wait to re-visit. The friendships and loyalty among the fighters and their... more loved ones is nothing short of amazing. It was great to see characters from other books play a role in this story. Denver is insanely possessive, jealous, very open and loves to talk. He's also gorgeous, sexy and he demands complete honesty. For Cherry, he's perfect! She's very ashamed of her past and it took Denver's complete acceptance to help her get beyond it.Thank you Lori Foster for another fantastic visit to Warfield, Ohio and the SBC fighters. I can wait for Stack and Armie's stories.Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
review 2: Denver is one of those men that will drive his girl wild, "the overwhelming need to eff you senseless, to make you come again and again until the only man you can see is me." A sick Cherry makes an interesting time for Denver, "you don't." Crawling up and over him, she shifted her ministrations to his overlong hair, loosely tangling her small hands in it. "God, you are such a hunk." Sometimes Denver doesn't put thought into his words he just states how he feels, "I'm horny as hell. How creative did you want me to be?" Cherry likes to sometimes surprise her man, "his abs tightened as he explored her naked cheeks. "Damn, girl. What type of underwear are you wearing?" In this book I got attached to the characters all over again and I'm hoping they all get their happily ever afters. less
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March 31, 2015
March 31 2015
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