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Yule Be Mine (2009)

by Lori Foster(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 2
1420111434 (ISBN13: 9781420111439)
review 1: This is a Christmas themed collection of short stories by Lori Foster. Overall I will say that I liked it. Her writing style, flow and descriptions were very good. I was just disappointed by the length of the stories, I would really have loved more. He Sees You When You're SleepingBooker wants out of his current relationship because he has fallen hard for his neighbor and friend, Frances. This story skipped the relationship building because the couple are already friends. That I think is what stumbled me, I would have liked to witness it first hand. White Knight ChristmasOfficer Parker Ross hates Christmas, while Lily Donaldson, his neighbor loves it. Among other issues for these two is her hero worship and their age difference. I am not sure what it was about this one but... more something just didn't work for me. Do You Hear What I HearSergeant Osbourne Decker thinks Marci Churchill is a kook, and he wants nothing to do with that since his last relationship. However is ridiculously attracted to her. She also wants Decker, but he fights it hard. Really this had more time to develop but again was lacking something. I am suspecting there is a theme of prickly men that annoy me. The Christmas Present Levi and Beth had an out of control weekend after Beth discovered that her fiance cheated on her. Since then she has been running from Levi, ashamed of herself. Levi doesn't want it to be over. This story was another hard one to get into. I was uncomfortable with the stalkerish behavior of Levi, the bases were covered with her family present and at some point I got into it. The other thing is I think this goes with a series I haven't read. Once again I will say these short stories were well written and have good flow, I just wish they were all longer. Overall a pretty decent holiday read.
review 2: This is a fun collection of contemporary Christmas time romance novellas one of which lets us visit with characters from Foster's series. The stories in here were all pleasurable. They were perfect little bites of holiday love. One member of each couple was just waiting for the right moment to court the other and all were steadfast in their devotion. Booker Dean knows exactly what he wants for Christmas: his next-door neighbor, Frances Kennedy. And he's got a gift planned for her that involves lots of delicious unwrapping.This one is fun. There is lots of crushing on his neighbor and chemistry. Officer Parker Ross hates Christmas, while Lily Donaldson lives for it. But he's willing to be converted, especially when Lily is the one doing the persuading.Lily is the neighbor in pursuit in this one. We have an older hero and the younger woman at play her. Sergeant Osbourne Decker suspects pet psychic Marci Churchill is barking mad, but she's also a knockout. And when she's accused of stealing a donkey from the local nativity scene, he can't stop thinking about frisking her.This one is a fun romp. Furious at her cheating fiancé, Beth Monroe decides to enjoy a payback tryst with his gorgeous best friend, and finds that revenge is best served hot and sweet. . .My favorite of the bunch because he have a hero that has always loved her and wonderful family dynamic, less
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sweet, charming, uplifting, and never too much of one thing. Great holiday read :)
4 cute separate short stories around Christmas time.
Stories in ordr: 4~3*; 1~2.5*; 3~2*; 4~2*
Fun and short holiday escape reads.
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