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Not The Killing Type (2013)

by Lorna Barrett(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 5
0425252221 (ISBN13: 9780425252222)
Berkley Hardcover
Booktown Mystery
review 1: Don't read. Not worth it. I don't understand how so many people give this series such high marks. Now, I have a sense of humor and I do not get offended easily. This book however was one disappointment after the other. I ended up skimming pages and skipping ahead to see that I correctly guessed who and why someone was murdered in this novel. I am done reading this series. The last two books were very disappointing. I love the idea of small town, cozy mysteries. I liked this series a lot when I first started reading it. However, the last two novels, I don't know if there are bad things happening in the author's personal life, but the characters have evolved into assholes. I tried #7 even after #6 was just rampant with rudeness and negativity. As I read more books in a serie... mores I typically like the characters more. Not with this novel. The main character is obnoxious. She is petty and shallow. It might make a difference in the story if the author had an ability to use it to charm readers but she fails miserably at that. At first I thought the author was changing things around. Angelica wasn't such a bitch, especially to her sister. Tricia was coming to the conclusion she needed to lighten up. But as I read more and more I realized nothing was going to change. The mystery in itself was disappointing the the murderer was too obvious. The background was even more disappointing. Chubby Chasers International?? Really? The author wrote that one of the women in the magazines was the size of two zebras. Seriously? This is what your novels have turned to? But even worse than that were Tricia's comments about people who were over weight. I started praying someone would murder her if she mentioned her caloric intake one more time. So is the author overweight and doesn't like herself or is she skinny and afraid of gaining weight? Trying to figure out why she would write constantly about Tricia's food intake and fear of eating too much at dinner.
review 2: Tricia, who attracts dead bodies like honey attracts bees has found another one in her tiny village. This time it's Stan, a Chamber of Commerce member who has just put his name in as a candidate running against Tricia's sister. I thought this had some good dynamic between Tricia, her sister, employees and friends. Tricia is not only having to solve a murder but she has to deal with a mid-life crisis and her friend's wedding. This has definitely been a hard time for Tricia and is a little darker - more depressing? - then previous books. I think all the murders are catching up with Tricia. less
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I love a good series. Already looking forward to the next installment in this one.
I love this series. I just wish that the next one was out already!
Nicely written. Like the bookstore town.
will definately read again.
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