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Confessions Of A Chalet Girl (2013)

by Lorraine Wilson(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 3
Harper Impulse
Ski Season
review 1: When Holly leaves England for a season working at a chalet in the Swiss Alps it’s to get a way from her everyday life and get over a recent break-up, she needs to have fun. Also because her house mates have announced they are expecting a baby and she needs to move out! Avoiding all of that she jets off for a season of Skiing and adventure… So this novella is about skiing and snowboarding right? Wrong!When Holly arrives a Chalet Repos she is worlds apart from the other girls who appear to do this kind of work every season, sweet and sassy snow girls. The opposite of Holly.The story opens with Holly and the other chalet girls in a bar full of men where the norm is for newbies to take their bra off for all to see and pin it up as a form of initiation to the chalet girl wo... morerld. Holly is dubious about this but plays along, how else is she going to fit in?Before you know it Holly is on all fours being given the reach around by steamy hot boss Scott, see I told you it wasn’t about skiing! Suddenly this novella with its cover of pure innocence hurtles into a steamy romance and frankly its brilliant.Scott isn’t the type of boss who usually sleeps with his staff, the type of girls who normally work at the chalets aren’t his type. This is what attracts him to Holly, she is totally different to all of the other girls and he feels like he needs to protect her.There are also deep and meaningful elements to this story, it isn’t all about romance, the story deals with abusive relationships, cancer and trust issues. The story has a really nice balance of the serious and fun elements that make it so engaging, its short and sweet without being slow.VerdictThis is a great read if you’re looking for something in the romance genre, it’s a little bit naughty but not in an over the top or weird way just enough to keep the story going and hold the readers interest. A perfect, short, easy read.This book caught my eye after finding out it was about chalet girls, I love snowboarding and thought this sounded perfect. After reading a few pages I couldn’t put it down. I then proceeded to the iBooks store to purchase the second book in the series. Review for book two Secrets of a Chalet Girl coming soon!
review 2: 2.5 StarsI didn't realise this book was a novella so I was pleased that I got it as part of the Kindle sale rather than paying full price. It is not badly written at all, I just think the shorter length did not give the story and characters enough time to develop at a plausible pace. I would have liked more description of life as a chalet girl and Holly's issues didn't really give her a chance to be a likeable character right from the start. All the key ingredients for a good romance were there, it just needed a little more time to play out. less
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This was an okay romance. I don't know that I will read anymore of the series, though.
Short and sweet yet hot, too. A fast enjoyable read. I look forward to reading more.
This is another great book in the confessions series.
A fun read, must get my hands on book 2!
easy to read
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