The Stranger 3 (Pages 41 – 103)


Patrik’s suspicions get confirmed when several people tell him that Marit never drank. Besides, the forensic doctor has found some bruising around Marit’s mouth as if she had been forced to drink. Beside, the conclusion of the examination shows that Marit didn’t die in the car crash, but she was already dead when the car crashed. Patrik and Marit go and talk to Kerstin, and she tells them that in the last four years they have been receiving insulting, threatening letters about their relationship, and there were also cold calls.

Patrik and Martin then go to talk to Ola, Marit’s ex-husband, and the first thing he tells them is that he wants to get a restraining order for Kerstin as he doesn’t want his daughter to spend time with the woman. When Patrik tells him about Marit’s death not being an accident, he is shocked, and when he is questioned about the anonymous letters and the cold calls, he has to admit that he has been a fool and he is the person behind all those threats and insults. The fact that he has no alibi for the night when Marit died makes him a suspect. I don’t think this brute of a man is the killer as it is too apparent.

I haven’t mentioned that there are some chapters in which we hear the voice of someone who keeps mentioning his sister and maybe his mother. I am not sure who this person is, but maybe it is one of the teenagers that are taking part in the reality show. Is this person the killer? And why should anyone want to kill Marit? I can’t see the motive. I still don’t see the connection between Marit’s death and the reality show. I imagine that little by little the sense of this will be clearer.

Apart from that, there is also a mystery about Hanna and her husband. There is something that they can’t talk about. I have no idea what it is, but maybe they had a child, and that child died? I can’t think of anything else that could cause them so much pain that they can’t talk to each other about.

The lighter line involving Erica shows Anna, who is now recovering from her depression, helping her sister with the wedding which will take place in six weeks. Erica is a bit down in the mouth when they go shopping for her wedding dress because she feels fat. Yet, thanks to her sister, they manage to find the perfect dress and she eventually thinks she can feel like the princess she is supposed to feel like.

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