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Kiss Me First (2013)

by Lottie Moggach(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 1
0385537476 (ISBN13: 9780385537476)
review 1: This is the type of book that seemed "just okay" when I was reading it, but as it has sunk in, I've realized how much I really enjoyed it. Approximately the last fifth of the book becomes silly and annoying (though some good revelations also come out), and I have to admit that it doesn't totally wrap up in a neat package. But I found it to be a decent thriller overall. (Not recommended for those who seek new BFFs in all book characters.)
review 2: A soft thriller which flows and sustain the proper tension from the beginning to the end. Moggach is highly competent in drawing believable and interesting characters, immersed in relations mediated by social networks. It is also remarkable her ability in delineating the expectations and the evolution of relations
... morein this kind of networks. Through the eyes of Leila, the reader faces the dilemma between the real and virtual life, which can diverge, gaining independence. The metaphor of "virtually be another person" brings a new perception of how far can go relations carried by people who do not see each other. Moogach calls you back to the real world, shaking Leila between virtual and physical worlds, until you start to think which one was in fact the real. less
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Was rather slow for most of the book but did pick up in the end. I did like how it ended though.
Could not put this down. Brilliant modern novel about identity and how we forge our own
I don't agree with some of the things, I lost interest in the book around page 30...
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