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Split By A Kiss (2008)

by Luisa Plaja(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 5
0552556807 (ISBN13: 9780552556804)
Random House Children's Books
review 1: When English girl, Jo, moves to the USA she realizes she has a choice, be herself or be cool even if that means she has to take on a new personality. Plaja shows us the two options by writing both sides of the story. The idea was great, you always wonder how one decision could completely change your life. With Jo you see how true that really is. In the end I preferred Plaja's other book, Diary of a Mall Girl over this.
review 2: The book was that good, I didn't put it down, I spend near enough the whole of my day laying in bed reading this book. It was very different to other books that I have read in the past, but different is always good. I love the way it ended, and for once I thought about what was going to happen at the end.. and I got it right, yayyy!
... more But yeah, it's a really good book, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a girlyish love book, and is a teenager. But saying that anyone could read it and like it, but teenagers would probably prefer to read a book like this. :P less
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This book is my absoloute favourite book and I deffinatley reccommend it!
Cute chick-lit for teens. Makes me glad I'm not in high school any more!
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