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Reasons For And Advantages Of Breathing: Stories (2009)

by Lydia Peelle(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 1
0061724734 (ISBN13: 9780061724732)
Harper Perennial
review 1: The eight stories in this book are like little jewels that start out glittery and gleaming, but inside each one is a sharp edge that will break your heart. They are southern and rural in setting, each one pitting its character against progress and time unsuccessfully. They do what good stories should do, they make you think. The last story in the collection is "Shadow On a Weary Land", and will be one that stays with me for a while. Definitely recommended.
review 2: Drawing from a simple landscape, Lydia Peelle explores the complicated emotions that accompany being human. She is able to avoid the pitfall I tend to see of an overly complicated story-line, and her use of rural backdrops allows the emotional aspect of her stories to really shine through. Her t
... morewo standout stories are, without a doubt, Phantom Pain and Shadow on a Weary Land. Her other stories are beautiful as well, but some left me searching for more than what was given, not necessarily in a good way. Regardless, this is a book I would recommend as an easy, quick, and touching read. less
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Enjoyed some of the stories but they really didn't feel like one cohesive collection.
A great collection of stories if you don't mind a rural setting.
I really only liked a couple of the stories.
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