The Phoenix Prophecy

Here it goes. Another review of an Episode story.

You wake up in a hospital to an unfamiliar world. Two men claim they’ve come to your rescue. Who should you trust?

Author: Joseph Evans

35 Chapters

If feel like this synopsis doesn’t really cover what this story is about. So here is my attempt: a girl stuck with fake memories who tries to find out who she is in a world governed by a cruel man, who kills all those that defy him. Who is she and what is her role in this world?

As you can see, I’ve read another story by Joseph Evans. Guys, seriously, check out his work on episode or Wattpad! The only thing that held me back, were the limited number of passes you get. But I’m starting to think this isn’t such a bad thing or I would get stuck in my phone for hours….

I really enjoyed this story and kept wondering how it would end until, well, the end. This was the very first story Evans created on Episode, but you wouldn’t say it. I liked The Ember Effect and Soulbound a little more, but I think that has really to do with personal choice. What I appreciated more in this story, though, is the romance. The relationship between the main character, Phoenix and her love interest Tanner (in my case it was Tanner, I think in other cases it might be a guy named Bastion…) felt much more profound and worked out than in his two other stories.

Another amazing thing about this author is the way his stories interact. The Phoenix Prophecy, being the first, doesn’t have that but in The Ember Effect Phoenix shows herself and in Soulbound we get to see both Phoenix and Ember. It makes me want to read more of his stories to find out how past characters are doing after their adventure is over, and who knows, maybe there will be a new story featuring all three of them!

One thing bothered me though when reading the story, and that was the similarity between The Phoenix Prophecy and Soulbound. In both of these stories there is a rival who wants the boyfriend. In the first one she is called Zara (apparently, if you chose bastion, the girl is named Nikki) and the second is called Alice. Not only do they play the exact same role where they both threaten the main character to back of and actually almost get them killed, but they also look very similar…

Even so, I still very much enjoyed reading about Phoenix and Tanner and can’t wait for the next Joseph Evans story!


Kerensa J.

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