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Lasciati Scoprire (2014)

by Lynda Aicher(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 3
Harlequin Mondadori
Wicked Play
review 1: I had read and liked "Bonds of Trust," the first book in the series, and wanted to read more about The Den!It's certainly an interesting story, delving a little into the psychology of pain, and why some are attracted to pain as a pathway to pleasure.Kendra's a sympathetic heroine. She's searching for a way to reconcile her desire for pain and submission with her horror of being abused in a past relationship. She attends a Mardi Gras party at The Den, where she meets Deklen Winters, one of the club owners, who recognizes Kendra's needs and is determine to meet them. It's wasn't an easy read for me, since I don't get the whole pain/pleasure linkage. But Aicher does a nice job of illustrating the dichotomy, as when Kendra asks Deklan "But why do I want this? Why in the hell w... moreould I find pleasure in being beaten?" and he replies "The pleasure comes in submitting and trusting. In finding release in the freedom you get from letting go. The pain only heightens the feelings..."It's very sweet to read along as Deklan and Kendra fall for each other. He has to gently persuade her to trust him, and she has to let go of her fear. Nice story, with an edge!
review 2: I liked this one but I liked it less than the first one. I think that it's because I wasn't a huge fan of Kendra. I can't pinpoint a reason I just didn't identify with her. Also, I would have liked there to be sex in this book. It didn't happen for a very long time. Almost until the end. I was erotic in the way that they do pain play but there is not penetration between them for quite some time. I did like Deklan and I liked the plot. I enjoyed the secondary characters and seeing others from the first book. less
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Amazing book..... this series is AMAZING
my favorite of the series so far
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