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Tell Me Tomorrow (2013)

by Lynda Bellingham(Favorite Author)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 1
1471128563 (ISBN13: 9781471128561)
Simon & Schuster Ltd.
review 1: This was an interesting novel, I think perhaps it could have been made into several volumes as there were parts of the book that I felt Linda rushed. I would have preferred her to have lingered more on the events she covered and not rushed on to the next one. Having said that once I got half way through the book it seemed to slow pace and became much more enjoyable. A good start, hopefully her next attempt will be better!
review 2: Even though I was on the home stretch with this book, I simply don't give a monkey's any more. I got to the part where this stately home coincidentally backs on to family farm ... and I gave up. I. Don't. Care. If I see one more pregnancy, one more 'spill the beans', one more 'my lover' or one more "!" then I'm going to lose the wil
... morel to live.So rather than spoil my weekend continuing with this book, I'm going close it and consign it to the "did not finish" pile. less
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Quite enjoyed the story. Linking different female members of the family. Easy read.
Excellent book. Story was great. The kind of book you cannot put down.
loved this book, great first book look forward to many more
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