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My Brother's Lover (2014)

by Lynn Kelling(Favorite Author)
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Fantastic Fiction Publishing
Twin Ties
review 1: This was a smoking hot double twincest story. Alek and Luka are older twins raised be absentee parents. Luckily, they were there for each other physically and emotionally when they needed it. Evan and Brennan are eighteen year old twins who were split up as babies in an ugly divorce. They grew up feeling the void and it messed them up. Brennan moved in with Evan just recently and the two are trying to figure out how to fit together as twins. Luka and Brennan start dating and Alek and Evan start screwing around. There is a little comic relief when the guys find out that they are dating twins. The sexcapades get wild when Evan and Brennan find some healing in sex with each other. With the help and advice of their boyfriends who have already melded sexually, Evan and Brennan ... morestart down their long road to becoming whole and healthy.
review 2: REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCELynn Kelling has totally done it again! This book is exactly what the title says but so much more. Imagine getting to be 18 and discovering you had an identical twin. Imagine getting to 18 and discovering your mother, who you knew nothing about, had just died and your identical twin was about to come crashing into your life and move into your home. Imagine getting to 18 when you first meet your identical twin and you think he is hot!Evan is a character that you cannot fail to fall in love with right from the start. No mother and a father that spends most of his time away from home with work. Bullied at school, lacking in friends, knowing he is gay but never being brave enough to admit it because then everything the bullies have said would be true. His one saving grace is his family friend Jimmy, who he feels he owes his life to.Evan has never felt whole. He struggles daily with low self esteem and feelings of self doubt. When he first meets Brennan, his twin, he finds himself overcome with a feeling of completeness. The two young men form a very deep bond quickly and seem to fill a gap in each others psyche. Perhaps as strange as finding out you have an identical twin is that you both, at separate times, meets new love interests that are also identical twins. Evan meets Alek in what is supposed to be a casual bar hook up but from the first moment Alek is smitten and won’t settle until he sees Evan again. Brennan meets Luka at the gym and is smitten straight away and agrees to go out for dinner with him. Alek and Luka are older than Evan and Brennan. They rely on each other totally for everything having escaped from their miserable mother. Their first years away from home took them to some dark places that neither will ever forget although they have tried to forgive. They have a complicated relationship, although they see other people their sexual encounters are also tied up with each other and neither man will make any apologies for it. They truly need each other to survive. I loved how intense their relationship was.With 1 set of identical twins that love each other falling for another set of identical twins, whose lines are blurring, things become complicated. I love the depth of writing in the relationships, not just between two people, but between four. This book has a lot of imaginative and kinky sex but it also has a great story, and furthermore it is a story about four people. Each one is broken or damaged, each one needs something different and each one brings something very different to this unorthodox relationship.Lynn Kelling has put another great story out there that kept me up reading until the very early hours as I could just not put it down. Yes, it is taboo. Yes, it won’t be to everyones taste. Yes, if this is your cup of tea you will love it!Now straight on to Book 2...... Watch this space ;-) less
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So not just a sex fueled twincest. this has a real plot Nd interesting characters.
Oops just saw it has a BDSM tag. *sigh* not for me then. Bummer. :(
wow this book is frigging hot, kinda wrong and really sweet lol
Speechless.......... on to the sequel.
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