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The Marrowbone Marble Company (2010)

by M. Glenn Taylor(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 4
0061923931 (ISBN13: 9780061923937)
review 1: I really liked this one from Glenn Taylor. Spanning decades in rural West Virginia, this is an openly idealistic look at a community who attempts to live more socially progressive despite the racism of the times [1940s-1960s] and the area. It's pretty much a commune these people set up in the rural hollers of West Virginia as they attempt to be self-sufficient. I guess you could call this a "rural utopia" that these people attempt to create. Taylor's writing is really clean and straight forward [my favorite] and the tone is serious and wonderful throughout. I had very little expectations for this, but here it is getting a rare 5 stars from me and it will be one of my favorites of 2011.
review 2: a cool novel about west virginia families from 1939 to 1960's. aft
... moreer wwii the patriarch, ledford, tries to shake his ptsd, first through booze and gambling, then marriage and kids, then returns to the life of the mind and bible. he organically starts fighting for civil rights, not as a fad, but because of the friends and humans around him. he moves back to the country with his family and other progressive misfits, starts a marble factory (based on cooperative ownership), gardens, homes in the woods, church, sports club, and they start to be progressive. this brings trouble, but also peace of mind. m. glenn taylor is the real thing. check it out. less
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All I can say on this one is it is worth the read and I can't wait for book club to discuss it!
Would give this one 3.5 stars if I could. The characters are memorable as was the setting.
Somewhat of a fairy tale that is often enjoyable. The ending was disappointing.
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