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Dienstmädchen Im Unglück (2009)

by M. Louisa Locke(Favorite Author)
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1477823735 (ISBN13: 9781477823736)
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A Victorian San Francisco Mystery
review 1: This the first book in a delightful mystery series set in 1880s San Francisco. Written by a retired professor of U. S. and Women's History, this story, while a good mystery, details the lives of women, upper, middle and servant class at that time. I first read the third book in the series, Bloody Lessons, and could not wait to read the first two to learn more about the life of Annie Fuller, a boarding house owner who supplements her meager income by posing as a clairvoyant (Madame Sibyl) giving domestic and financial advice to various men and women. She doesn't believe in the spirit world but has found this the only respectable means for her to use her financial acumen she learned from her deceased father. Women in that time in our history had very few options t... moreo earn a living. Annie's inheritance from her father had been wasted away by her abusive husband who subsequently killed himself leaving Annie with nothing. Fortunately she inherited the boarding house from an aunt and is making her way with an interesting cast of characters! One of Annie's customers, a man who had been using her financial advice to accumulate wealth, died under mysterious circumstances. The police are convinced it was suicide, but Annie believes he was murdered. Annie meets Nate Dawson, the bereft family's probate attorney, and the two of them set out to find out what really happened. I loved the various characters, including Annie's loyal staff. They also also appear in the rest of the series and, along with other less fortunate servants, gave me an indelible picture of what it was like to be part of running a household in the 19th century when all items of clothing, sheets and other linens had to be hand washed and ironed. I felt like kissing my washer and dryer and gave thanks for the rarity of needing to iron anything! I am now starting the 2nd book in the series, Uneasy Spirits, and look forward to learning more about the fascination with clairvoyance in the 19th century. In the meantime I hope the author is working on more books in this lovely mystery series.
review 2: I enjoyed reading this book, and am glad to have found a new author to read. The 'detective' is a woman, who provides financial and other advice through a disguise of being a clairvoyant. When one of her customers dies, and it is thought to be a suicide, she decides to investigate. She does not believe he would have committed suicide, and so takes steps to try to convince the police to investigate.When disappointed with the police activity to investigate the death, she takes matters into her own hands by going undercover to try to find out more, and to find some missing papers. Well the book keeps going as you try to work out who the killer is, and then reaches a climax where our detective is at risk herself. I have ordered the next book in the series because I want to meet the heroine again. less
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I enjoyed this, particularly because it was set in SF and was a period piece. Not great, but decent.
Good if you like shitty romance novels masquerading as murder mysteries.
Strange but okay. Will try another
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