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Maids Of Misfortune (2009)

by M. Louisa Locke(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 3
1449925030 (ISBN13: 9781449925031)
A Victorian San Francisco Mystery
review 1: Engaging characters and an entertaining story set with an extremely accurate feeling historical setting of Victorian San Francisco with strong female characters demonstrating that strength despite the sexism of the time. I was impressed with the story and not terribly surprised that the author is an academic of both history and women's studies. I'll be reading the rest of this series and any other historical fiction she cares to write.
review 2: I lapped up this pacy mystery featuring a feisty young Victorian widow who doesn't let herself be bound by convention and social pressure. The murder mystery at the heart of the book was an interesting one, but what made this book shine for me was the amount of historical and social detail woven into the text, spelling
... moreout clearly how restricted women of that era were - and how lucky I am to be living now rather than then! The other characters were also well defined, from the lodgers in her boarding house to the family of the murder victim. I especially appreciated the portrayal of the dignified Chinese servant, rising above local prejudice, and the cross-reference to how other ethnic groups had been victims of discrimination both in San Francisco and New York. I also enjoyed the unusual but vivid setting. Though I've never been to San Francisco, I felt a clear sense of place throughout, both in terms of geographical context and historical background - the '49 Gold Rush, Chinese immigration, etc. All in all, a thoughtful, enjoyable read - and, without spoiling the plot, the denouement is a delight! I'll look forward to reading more by this author. less
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Fun, easy read. Likable characters. Looking foward to more in the series.
Better than I was expecting. A quick, entertaining read.
really enjoyed this book-esp since it was only $0.99.
Decent cozy. Didn't insult my intelligence.
Nice flow, quick read. I enjoyed it a lot.
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