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Uneasy Spirits (2011)

by M. Louisa Locke(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 5
1466373547 (ISBN13: 9781466373549)
A Victorian San Francisco Mystery
review 1: Dull and repetitive. Intriguing premise that was moved too slowly. This really should have been a novella not a novel as so much could have been cut out. Characters were constantly repeating the same information over and over and over. I think the author spent too much time trying to shoehorn all kinds of interesting facts and people she uncovered during her research and forgot there was a story to tell and characters to develop.
review 2: This mystery, set in Victorian San Francisco was interesting, holding my attention 'till the end. The topic of clairvoyants and fortune tellers serves as a basis for the story. I was particularly interested in the authentic excerpts from the 1879 San Francisco Chronicle advertising seances and psychic readings. Who knew th
... moreat there was such an interest in that sort of thing in that day. I have now realized that this book is a sequel to the author's other novel, Maids of Misfortune. I may pick up that one and will then have an explanation to some references to previous experiences of the characters, that left me wondering. less
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Glad to have discovered this series - good reads and info about the time period in San Francisco.
It was a fun read. Not much to it but an okay way to pass a summer day.
i bought this book quite some time ago. now i'll start it.
Really like this series.
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