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The Backworlds (Book 1) (2012)

by M. Pax(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 5
061568176X (ISBN13: 9780615681764)
M. Pax
review 1: The first book in M.Pax’s Backworlds series does a great job of introducing the hero, Craze, and setting up his story. At the outset, he’s facing the worst day of his life, and with a family and community like he’s got, who needs enemies? It’s no wonder the young man rockets off to seek his fortune in the dangerous Backworlds. His adventures are exciting and pull the story along at a fast pace.The part I liked most about this book was its attention to detail and the world-building. Those are the criteria on which every SF story should be judged. Just because a set of characters are placed in “the future” or on “another planet” doesn’t mean they’re really unique or original. But in Pax’s worlds, the aliens are truly alien, with values unlike humanity�... more�s, and complex social rules and histories that ring true while being completely new and different from anything I’ve read before. While I loved Craze, it was the aliens that really drew me into this book. The descriptions, characterizations, and dialog were amazing, and made me feel I was really at the back end of the galaxy where anything could happen. I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the series.
review 2: Normally, I don't read Sci Fi. Not to say I don't like SF (after all, I have a SF book series that took me nearly a dozen years to find all of) but I am more of a fantasy type gal. That aside, I enjoyed this one- I finished before I was hoping to! The author does not let you sit around and "enjoy" the scenery, he just jumps you right into the action and that I admire. The characters are interesting, despite the short amount of time you have to get to know them. If you like SF or want to give SF a try, might as well pick this one up while its free on Amazon. It is a quick read- at least for me- without sacrificing anything. less
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Just didn't grab my attention. Never finished it.
I think it's fab ... of course :)
Very enjoyable first in a series.
Decent though short.
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