It Started With A Kiss By Miranda Dickinson: Christmas Book Review

Miranda Dickinson’s It Started With A Kiss opens with a love confession, which takes place on the weekend before Christmas. Romily, the protagonist, finally tells her best Charlie about her undying love for him. Things don’t go as planned, and Rom finds herself in the bustling town center Christmas market. When Rom knocks over a toy stall and attempts to repair the damage, a handsome stranger kisses her. She’s not sure whether he’s the man of her dreams or not. He rushes off and Rom knows nothing about the man who took her breath away. So, she sets out on a quest to find him.

I really liked this chick lit novel and its characters. Rom is such a memorable character. Her quest to find the ‘Phantom Kisser’ seems crazy. But it’s much more than about finding a man. Rom finds the confidence to fellow her heart. She commits to the unknown for a year and the quest takes her on a journey. She has so much persistence, and she begins to believe that anything in life is possible. Rom is kind, funny and braver than she knows.

Rom’s best friends (they are bandmates too) were brilliant, and so was the manager. I felt like Dickinson thought carefully about the different personalities. The dialogue between Rom and her best friends were fluid and akin to real life. Her relatives were fun, lovely and supportive. The chemistry between Romily and all these characters honestly made me laugh, smile and feel tugged at the heartstrings.

This romance novel had me hooked from the beginning. It was fast- paced and full of beautiful descriptions of weddings and Central London during the Christmas season.

Mixed with a few surprises, ISWAK is a lovely Christmas read.

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