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Play Me, I'm Yours [Library Edition] (2013)

by Madison Parker(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 2
1623809193 (ISBN13: 9781623809195)
Harmony Ink Press
review 1: Lucas is sensitive, with great piano playing skills, and he just wants to be loved but doesn't believe he's worth it. This story is engaging and moves at a good pace that both explores the relationships of the characters and builds a world that is interesting to be in for a while. What works is the caring we feel for Lucas and his family. I want him to win and find love. I think what didn't work so well was his sensitivity level staying at a ten all the time, and he can barely make it through a scene without crying. Although this becomes a joke to the characters at times, describing red, swollen, burning, blinking eyes of tears gets repetitive. Although, some people just don't change that much in a few months. There were many stereotypes here, from Donovan's character, to ... morethe hag character Trish-where was she for the last three years of HS?-but there were great surprises there as well. Lucas' brother Mason grows an incredible amount as well, and their scenes together are almost worth the read. The intimacy scenes were well done. Maybe the best scene was at lunch when the swim team shows their true colors when someone tries to bully one of their own. And of course, the father's character may have changed the most here. Sometimes a story has things that can be seen as flaws but is so fun it becomes a compulsive read that you can't put it down. This is one of them.
review 2: I loved this book and thought it did a wonderful job of bring the characters to life. I could really feel Lucas's emotions through out the book as we followed the somewhat socially inept gay kid through his high school highs and lows. There isn't plot twists or characters in this story the stand out to make the book unique. Most of the characters fit there stereotypes perfectly. Yet what this book does do very very well is convey the emotions. Lucus's frustration with his parents, his humiliation at the teasing, his disappointment with his first boyfriend that just wants sex, and his happiness in finding his proverbial white knight. I really sympathized with Lucas and was cheering him on as I read. I wanted things to go well for him. I loved reading this and know that it will be high on my books to reread. less
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If there had been sock monkeys, I might have rated it higher.
It was fine. I skipped some scenes though.
This book should be made into a movie.
2,5 To much crying...but sweet
I Loved this book!
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